Work with us are premium gateways for marketers and agencies looking to reach a highly educated, affluent, tech savvy and health conscious audience in the PRC ( China). 

Work with us are premium gateways for marketers and agencies looking to reach a highly educated, affluent, tech savvy and health conscious audience in the PRC ( China). has a fast growing audience and an extensive network of KOLs and key influencers who carry a diverse range of expertise across multiple platforms and industry sectors.

Using our extensive network and/or our own branded networks ( we deliver fast paced digital content covering a wide area of health and wellness in an engaging, fun and informative manner to an above average educated  Chinese speaking audience in the PRC ( China). We have deployed the use of the latest data mining technology to segment our audience to a number of key metrics. This has enabled us identify with great precision our target audience which is primarily comprised of highly educated, above average income, high discretionary income Chinese in top tier cities in the PRC.

Our extensive focus on targeting of our audience has enabled and our affiliated networks to deliver highly successful campaigns whether “sponsored content”, strategic ads, immerse content and curated content across multiple platforms ( QQ, Weibo, WeChat and many more where appropriate ) . Our marketing and creative teams carefully research the client needs and goal, then using our proprietary data/algorithms we then craft a plan of action.

Our content covers virtually all areas of the health and wellness lifestyle segment : yoga, running, hiking, climbing, nutrition, meditation, lifestyle apparel etc. Our audience are affluent, curious and dive deeply into all matters healthy living. Our core audience: 55% have an average monthly income of in excess of 67,000 USD per year with almost 45% of whom are at the executive/management level.

The creativity of the Oxygn team is well versed in developing campaigns for both information purposes, as well as campaigns for advertising. Both require a well thought out plan to ensure success and effectiveness. For informational campaigns the purpose is to drive brand awareness and initiate engagement. For ad campaigns success will be measured not only in terms of sales of products/services, but also in extending brand equity across the lifespan of the campaign.

Are you interested in advertising with us ? We can help you create buzz for your products or services via : emails, sponsored content posts, exclusive discounts to our readers, targeted giveaways and contests, customized live readers events and much more. Visit our advertising page or write us at

Are you in PR or want to tip or team off to a story idea ? write us at We are open to story ideas from wellness experts from all fields as long as they are within the scope our mission to provide authentic

wellness information to our readers.

Are you a journalist or writer who wishes to contribute a story/article to ? We would be happy to consider your story ideas as long as they meet our mission to provide our readers with authentic wellness information. We are open to story/articles and ideas from wellness experts from all fields. send story/article ideas to

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