Who We Are

Oxygn Limited is a Hong Kong based media company specializing in creating and deploying health and wellness content ( Mandarin) for a broad audience in the PRC. Through our own content distribution channels (oxygn.cn) and our deep immerse relationships with the largest media platforms in the PRC, we are able to create content ( sponsored/curated), advertisements, media partnerships that builds long term brand equity and increase both brand visibility and increase market share.

Our content informs, entertains and drives a richer understanding of the global shift towards healthy lifestyles as the key for long term health and wellness. Our content is customized through our commitment to using the latest data driven applications and algorithms to accurately target genuinely relevant audiences who have shown a clear desire to receive such information.


Oxygn 有限公司是一家位于香港的媒体公司,专门为中华人民共和国的广大受众打造和发布健康和保健方面的内容(普通话)。通过我们自己的内容发布渠道 以及我们与中国最大媒体平台的深度合作关系,我们能够打造内容(赞助/策划)、广告、构建长期品牌价值的媒体合作伙伴关系,以及增加品牌知名度和市场份额。

我们的内容对长期健康和保健的关键 – 全球向健康生活方式转变的更丰富理解起到了通知、娱乐和推动作用。我们的内容是通过承诺使用最新数据驱动的应用程序和算法而定制的,这样便能准确地定位真正希望接收此类信息的相关受众。